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Empowered Women: Towards a Revolution in Sexual Education!
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Empowered Women: Towards a Revolution in Sexual Education!

Amelie Boehm
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More and more people are opting for intimate surgery. In 2021 alone, intimate corrections were among the six most frequent cosmetic treatments in plastic surgery in Germany.

Women were the ones who demanded this procedure the most, especially young women under 30. Among them, intimate correction is in second place after breast augmentation (DGÄPC, 2021). For example, options include enlarging the G-zone (also known as G-spot injections) and moving the clitoris to increase pleasure. However, purely cosmetic procedures are most commonly performed on the external genitalia, such as reduction of the vulval lips (labiaplasty).

Regrettably, studies show that women who are concerned about possible abnormalities of their own genital area usually have perfectly normal genitals from a medical point of view.

More knowledge and education about the vulva and vagina is needed.

The desire for surgical change may indicate a negative attitude toward one’s body. Research shows that women are more likely to speak dismissively about their private parts and perceive them as less positive compared to men. This could be related to the many messages with negative connotations in Western society that swirl around the female genital, whether expressed openly or between the lines.

In addition, the female genital, compared to the male, is still little researched, which has implications for the medical care of women, but also for the knowledge of their own bodies. Topics related to the female genitalia are often taboo and accompanied by shame compared to the male genitalia. Women, regardless of their age, often know little about the anatomy of their vulva and vagina. Many can only represent the female genital inadequately and cannot name individual areas correctly. They are also unfamiliar with the different appearances of a normal vulva and do not always know if their genitals are functioning healthily and smell normal.

Persistent myths about the female anatomy

In addition, persistent myths about the female anatomy persist that cannot be challenged without correct information, such as the assumption that the vagina is closed by a hymen that is painfully broken during the first sexual intercourse. The idea that the inner vulval lips should not be visible in a normal vulva and should be perfectly symmetrical is also a widespread misconception. Such misconceptions often go unchecked and are sometimes even reinforced by commercially available intimate care products.

Without knowing what is normal and healthy, many women find it difficult to properly assess their own bodies. This lack of knowledge, combined with negative messages about the intimate area, can impact sexual well-being well into adulthood. False assumptions due to lack of knowledge and negative feelings can trigger insecurity, shame and rejection towards one’s own body, making it difficult to have a fulfilling sexuality. It can even lay the foundation for sexual problems.

In Germany, sex education for adult women is offered only to a very limited extent and the exchange on this topic is often restricted due to insecurity. So women are often left alone with these questions.

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What is needed are more opportunities for women to increase their knowledge, develop a positive attitude toward their bodies and build a healthy relationship with them.

LOVE YOUR V! helps to develop a fulfilled sexuality

One opportunity to do this is my online program LOVE YOUR V! that I developed for just this purpose. With this scientifically based program, participants get to know and love their central pleasure organ as well as themselves – an important basis for fulfilled sexuality. In entertaining learning videos, participants get all the knowledge about their vulva that they were never taught. Guided self-reflections, effective exercises and tips suitable for everyday life allow them to unleash the full potential of your sensuality, no matter how high the respective sense of shame may be.

If you, dear reader, would like to start getting to know your vulva better today, I encourage you to integrate it more and more consciously into your everyday life. Touch it lovingly and curiously in the shower, feel it several times a day to see how it feels right now, or take a closer look with a mirror. Through such small exercises, you not only get to know them better. By paying attention to her in this way, you will also be able to perceive her better – and this can work wonders for your sexuality…

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Amelie Boehm
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For a shame-free YES to one's own sexuality! This is what I stand for as a psychologist and sexologist. In my digital practice and with my online course "Know your V!" I support women in finding an appreciative and loving relationship with their vulva. On Instagram, with my account @einfach.drueber.reden, I want to teach how to talk about sex & co. in a relaxed, shame-free and productive way.

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