About the magazine

Highly qualified women are conquering the corporate world at an ever-increasing pace, increasingly paving the way for young women to reach the executive level and effectively and sustainably changing business and corporate culture. To give a voice to these female role models and their inspiring stories and exciting news from the female business and corporate world in the digital space, FemalExperts was founded – The Online Magazine for Business Women with Ambition.

The beginnings of FemalExperts

Our story began in 2014 as a professional business blog. At that time, founder and editor-in-chief Kinga Bartczak was on the road at countless trade fairs, congresses and networking events as part of her studies and professional activities. Here she met exciting role model women, inspiring thought leaders from science, politics and culture as well as strong female entrepreneurs from business, industry and the start-up scene.

During the lectures, panel discussions and subsequent networking events that opened up new professional, personal and entrepreneurial opportunities for a small group of women in attendance, Kinga increasingly focused on the question:

Why are there still so few? How can we make these stories, thought-provoking ideas, discussions and thoughts accessible to a broad female community?

That was the birth of FemalExperts, a platform that has evolved from a professional business blog to a successful online magazine in seven years.

Our goal is to give every talented woman a voice

Together with our interview partners, (guest) authors, columnists, freelance editors and our readers, we want to become perfect movers in the field of digital business magazine for female subject matter experts and entrepreneurs.