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Your financial journey through life
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Your financial journey through life

Mandy Schreier
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Love your life, break patterns

Dear Reader,

How often have you looked back and wished you had made certain decisions in your life differently? Especially with regard to money? Most of us have moments in our lives that we would like to erase. But let me tell you one thing: your CV – with all its ups and downs – is something you should learn to accept and love. Being at peace with your finances is part of a healthy self-concept. There is no development of a new attitude as long as old issues linger in us. But don’t worry: we are good just the way we are.

Our beliefs regarding finances

Did you know that our finances are more closely linked to our experiences and ourselves than many of us would like to admit? Our financial journey through life often reflects our innermost beliefs, fears and hopes. And it is often precisely these inner patterns that prevent us from becoming truly successful and independent.

For example, the pattern of constantly reassuring yourself that you can rely on yourself, only to end up living beyond your means. Or the pattern in which we have been shown the wrong way to handle money and we unconsciously adopt it in our own lives. Many of us delude ourselves for a long time, but deep within us lie dormant aspects of change that are waiting to be awakened.

The problem is often not the problem itself. The real problem is how we see the problem. Sounds complicated? But it is not! Imagine if you could see every financial obstacle that stands in your way not as a problem, but as part of the solution. As an opportunity to grow, learn and become stronger. Financial dependency – an issue that many women are familiar with. As a trainer, I have come to tell you that you have the strength to end this addiction. And this strength does not come from outside, but from within. Each of us has the ability to change our financial reality. If someone is at a loss, it is often not due to incompetence, but to a lack of planning. It’s not about becoming the best financial expert, but about knowing yourself, your values and your goals. And then create a plan that suits you.

Suggestion: Do you realize that we often take things for granted? The familiar processes, the same actions over and over again. Even if they are not good for us. As a small challenge, imagine yourself doing something completely new that might have made you feel uncomfortable before. Perhaps it is even in the area of finance. What does that do to you?

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Our relationship with money

Another reflection I would like to share with you concerns us women in particular and our relationship with finances. For generations, we have often been taught that money and finances are a “man’s business”. This prejudice has led to insecurity and self-doubt among many of us. But in today’s world, where equality and empowerment are becoming increasingly important, we must rise to this challenge. When starting to change our financial mindset, the most common themes are often recognizing our own financial values, setting clear goals and developing a financial strategy that fits our lives.

In addition, there is an understanding of the basics of saving, investing and dealing effectively with debt. But the most important thing is to recognize and overcome the self-doubt and fears that influence our financial decisions. It’s about investing in ourselves, educating ourselves and strengthening our understanding of money. I learned to understand and control my money very early on and was well on my way to taking full control of my life.

I want to encourage you to look deep inside yourself, accept and love your financial journey, no matter how bumpy it has been. Recognize the patterns that are holding you back and do everything you can to break them. You have so much more potential than you might think.

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Vorsorgeexpertin I Internationales Lions Club Mitglied I Female Speaker I Autorin

Ein herzliches Hallo allerseits, ich bin in Ostdeutschland aufgewachsen und eine Frau, die ihre Träume verwirklicht hat, denn ich weiss nur zu gut, wie es sich anfühlt ein begrenztes Leben zu führen.
Das Leben ist voller Überraschungen und Veränderungen, darum soll es in Eigenverantwortung so gestaltet werden, dass das Leben lebenswert ist, so wie es sich jeder von Herzen wünscht.
Heute, seit mehr als zwei Jahrzehnte lebe ich unabhängig mit meinen zwei wunderbaren Kindern in der Schweiz, in meiner Tätigkeit als Vorsorgeexpertin für den grössten Schweizer Vorsorgekonzern, weiss ich nur zu gut, wie wichtig es ist, sich selbst um seine Finanzen zu kümmern, die gute Planung bedingt, um sich zu verwirklichen.
Darum ermächtige ich Frauen sich selbst um ihre Finanzen zu kümmern, um ein unabhängiges und erfülltes Leben zu führen.
Genau das ist es, was mich antreibt und mir für die Frauenwelt von herzen wünsche!
Für mich bedeutet finanzielle Vorsorge, persönliche Fürsorge, das gleiche gilt für die eigene Gesundheit und hilft ein freies und glückliches Leben zu führen.
Ich liebe es mich ehrenamtlich einzubringen und dabei anderen bedürftigen Menschen zu helfen, einen Beitrag in dieser Welt zu leisten, erfüllt mich zu tiefst.
Seit 1½ Jahren stehe ich auf der Bühne als Female Speaker und inspiriere Frauen mit meinen Vorträgen.
Ich liebe, was ich tue und es ist mir ein tiefes Bedürfnis einen Beitrag in dieser Welt zu leisten.
Wenn du mehr über mich wissen möchtest, lass uns austauschen und schreib mir, ich liebe Netzwerken.
Herzlichst Mandy

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