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Female Empowerment Organizations You Can Support

In our magazine we want to actively support organizations that work on issues such as female empowerment, women’s rights, human rights, gender justice and the protection of marginalized groups. That’s why we’ve listed some of these Female Empowerment organizations on the following page and would love for you to support them as well.

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Questions and answers about the support

How will my financial aid be used?

Your financial support will be used 100% for the work of the FemalExperts editorial team and the remuneration of our freelance writers.

Our goal is to provide a platform for all female experts, pioneering entrepreneurs, founders and investors to share their own stories while educating themselves on Female Empowerment. The provision of knowledge, participation and the opportunity to network are the guarantors of shared success. Your support will help us maintain the infrastructure, create and publish articles, case studies, and develop and publish toolkits.

Is it possible to set up regular payments?

Yes, through Steady it is possible to set up monthly payments.

Are there other opportunities for support?

If none of the above points meet your expectations, you can contact us at any time and we will talk about your possible engagement. Just write us a message on a message.