The FemalExperts Podcast

Welcome to the FemalExperts podcast, where I and my guests share tips, information, and tools to make Female Empowerment not just theory, but a lived reality.

The FemalExperts podcast is a place where women can come together and learn from each other. Together with my guests, we explore topics such as the gender pay gap, women’s empowerment, financial myths and numerous business ideas. In doing so, we are always open, honest and do not mince words.

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Why A Podcast?

The answer is simple: women inspire women.

The goal of the podcast is to encourage women to pursue their own big dreams and goals through stories and teachings. I know that hearing the stories of other women who have done what I wanted to do has helped me overcome limiting beliefs and obstacles so that I could reach my full potential.

Be A Guest On The FemalExperts Podcast

If you are an entrepreneur, leader, or a woman, with a mission, I invite you to share your story with all listeners on the podcast. I look forward to hearing from you. I am looking forward to your inquiry.