Our values

FemalExperts online magazine provides opportunities to inspire, encourage and empower women at all levels through news, articles and interviews. Our mission is to support women on their path to professional and entrepreneurial success, regardless of what “success” means to them personally.

Gender-inclusive magazine

FemalExperts sees itself as a holistic gender-inclusive online magazine. Our magazine is primarily aimed at women, regardless of their biological sex or whether they feel they belong to the female gender. Interested men as well as people who feel they belong to neither or both genders are expressly welcome as readers!

Gender-inclusive language

Many texts are still written in the generic masculine. As a result, women remain linguistically invisible: the “half” of society does not appear directly on the linguistic screen, but is “included” unless explicitly mentioned by name.

Language has always been changing and is constantly changing. It is an important contribution to more equal opportunities and diversity.

That is why gender-inclusive language is an stance for us and not a “nice-to-have”.

Diverse topics and netiquette

We rely on open discourse and are willing to accept diverse opinions, as long as they do not discredit others. Therefore, in digital discourse, digital netiquette is paid attention to on this platform accordingly.

No place for racism, discrimination or hate speech

Diversity and equality are the core values of our magazine, for this reason any form of discrimination or even racism, sexism or similar will be condemned in the strongest terms and answered with a “blocking” on all online channels as well as the deletion of corresponding comments and profiles.

Diversity and equality

Diversity for us does not only mean gender diversity. We want to offer all women and those who feel they belong to the female gender an inclusive platform – No matter what skin color, what cultural background or what physical and mental constitution you bring with you – For us, the diversity of women is not a shortcoming, but an asset, which we want to give a voice in the context of the business and corporate world.

Appreciation and a new togetherness

The editorial team, female authors, guests and columnists come together on this platform to inform, discuss and inspire – For this purpose, we commit ourselves to talk together openly, transparently and collaboratively about all areas around the topic of “Female Empowerment” and to invite others purposefully to the discourse. The added value for the readership is our main focus here.