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Create relationship with own money
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Create relationship with own money

Mandy Schreier
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From Independence to Wealth to Freedom – Your Financial Journey with Mandy Schreier

When it comes to the subject of money, we women in particular often have a lot of thoughts buzzing around in our heads. Coulda, shoulda, woulda… But what is the real state of your relationship with your money? Is it characterized by respect and awareness or by fleeting whims and impulse buying? Have you ever consciously examined your relationship with money? Money is not just a medium of exchange, it is a reflection of your values and your choices. I invite you to dive into the fascinating world of financial self-determination. Join me on the three steps to true financial freedom!

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The first step is to free yourself from the shackles of meaningless spending. Who does not know this? You walk through the city, see something beautiful and it’s bought. Often the feeling of regret or guilt follows. Why? Because we don’t value our money or give it direction.

My tip: Set clear goals and budgets. Before making any purchase, ask yourself: do I really need this and can I afford it? Does it contribute to my goal in life? This conscious use of your money will give you a new perspective and a sense of independence.


After independence comes prosperity. But prosperity is more than a bulging bank account. It’s about growing your wealth wisely and according to plan. The rule here is: quality before quantity. Invest in things that really create value – whether it’s an education, real estate or a business.

My tip: Get advice from experts, but always make your own decisions. Knowledge is power, and the better informed you are, the more confident you can make your money work.


The ultimate state. When you get to a point where you no longer have to work for money, but money works for you. The freedom to make decisions based on your desires rather than your financial obligations.

My tip: Never give up. The road to financial freedom is often rocky and full of obstacles. But with perseverance, education and the right mindset, you will make it.

Remember, dear reader: your relationship with your money is an ongoing process. It requires awareness, respect and patience. But with the right attitude and tools, you can turn this relationship into a fulfilling and enriching one. Money – it is a fleeting companion in our lives. Some have too much of it, others too little. But regardless of the quantity, it’s about how we use it and the value we place on it. A healthy relationship with our money is the foundation for a fulfilling life. But what exactly does that mean?

The emotional attachment to money

Many of us associate money with emotions such as fear, shame or envy. These negative associations often come from our childhood or have been shaped by our culture. However, when we look at our money as a tool to make our dreams come true, our perspective changes.

My tip: Start keeping a money journal. Every day, write down how you feel about money. What are your fears, hopes and desires? This self-reflection process will help you identify and overcome any blocks you may have.

The art of saving

For many, saving sounds like doing without and cutting back. Yet it is actually a form of self-care. When we learn to consistently set aside a portion of our income, we create a buffer for bad times and can invest for good times.

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My tip: Set yourself clear savings goals. Whether it’s a dream vacation, continuing your education or buying a home, saving is easier when you have a specific goal in mind.

Investing instead of consuming

In a consumer-driven society, it’s easy to succumb to the latest trend and spend money on things we don’t really need. But true wealth does not come from consumption, but from investment.

My tip: Education is the best investment. Use some of your income to invest in courses, books or workshops that will expand your knowledge. The more you learn, the better you can decide where and how to invest your money.

Growing together

Money should not only work for ourselves. It also gives us the opportunity to support others and grow together. Whether it’s by investing in local businesses, supporting nonprofits or starting our own business, there are numerous ways we can use our money to make a positive impact on society.

My tip: Networks! Connect with people who have similar financial goals as you. Together you can support, motivate and learn from each other.

Your money is a reflection of your values, your priorities, and your choices. Nurture this relationship, nurture it with respect and awareness, and in return it will give you security, prosperity and freedom. Follow your financial instinct and discover the abundance that is within you and around you. With confidence and a clear plan, money is fun for you too!

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Vorsorgeexpertin I Internationales Lions Club Mitglied I Female Speaker I Autorin

Ein herzliches Hallo allerseits, ich bin in Ostdeutschland aufgewachsen und eine Frau, die ihre Träume verwirklicht hat, denn ich weiss nur zu gut, wie es sich anfühlt ein begrenztes Leben zu führen.
Das Leben ist voller Überraschungen und Veränderungen, darum soll es in Eigenverantwortung so gestaltet werden, dass das Leben lebenswert ist, so wie es sich jeder von Herzen wünscht.
Heute, seit mehr als zwei Jahrzehnte lebe ich unabhängig mit meinen zwei wunderbaren Kindern in der Schweiz, in meiner Tätigkeit als Vorsorgeexpertin für den grössten Schweizer Vorsorgekonzern, weiss ich nur zu gut, wie wichtig es ist, sich selbst um seine Finanzen zu kümmern, die gute Planung bedingt, um sich zu verwirklichen.
Darum ermächtige ich Frauen sich selbst um ihre Finanzen zu kümmern, um ein unabhängiges und erfülltes Leben zu führen.
Genau das ist es, was mich antreibt und mir für die Frauenwelt von herzen wünsche!
Für mich bedeutet finanzielle Vorsorge, persönliche Fürsorge, das gleiche gilt für die eigene Gesundheit und hilft ein freies und glückliches Leben zu führen.
Ich liebe es mich ehrenamtlich einzubringen und dabei anderen bedürftigen Menschen zu helfen, einen Beitrag in dieser Welt zu leisten, erfüllt mich zu tiefst.
Seit 1½ Jahren stehe ich auf der Bühne als Female Speaker und inspiriere Frauen mit meinen Vorträgen.
Ich liebe, was ich tue und es ist mir ein tiefes Bedürfnis einen Beitrag in dieser Welt zu leisten.
Wenn du mehr über mich wissen möchtest, lass uns austauschen und schreib mir, ich liebe Netzwerken.
Herzlichst Mandy

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