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Good ideas can change who we are and what is worth fighting for. FemalExperts Magazine is the place where diverse ideas take shape and invite exciting conversations. We are an open platform where female experts of all kinds share their knowledge, visualize their thought processes and engage with each other. Register now as an author.

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We create an online magazine that convinces through storytelling, complexity and seriousness. The magazine is open to everyone, but is primarily aimed at strong women who want to get their ideas out into the world. Together with our team and the ever-growing number of female authors, we are building a trustworthy and vibrant ecosystem that is supported and developed by the community.

A Vibrant Network Of Curious Minds

All women and those who consider themselves women can and should write on FemalExperts. Thought leaders, journalists, experts, and people with unique perspectives share their thoughts here. You’ll also find numerous articles from independent authors and stories that will inspire and motivate you.

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What else you should know about writing on FemalExperts

What does FemalExperts stand for?

Diversity and equality are the core values of our magazine. Any form of discrimination, racism, sexism or similar will not be tolerated or accepted. Articles and profiles that violate these values will not be allowed or will be blocked. You can find more information on the page“Our values“.

Who writes on FemalExperts?

Women and those who see themselves as such write in this online magazine. FemalExperts is primarily aimed at interested and inspiring women who want to share their own stories. You can find an overview of these pioneers on the page “Our female authors”.

How do I start writing on FemalExperts?

Just register with a free account. To create an article, click on the “Write article” item in your profile. Furthermore, you can complete your profile with additional information (biography, profile picture, etc.) and find your published posts as well as comments here.

What are the subject categories in the magazine?

The following categories are currently available in our magazine:

  • Female Business
  • Female Career
  • Female Empowerment
  • Female Entrepreneurship
  • Female Finance
  • Female Leadership
  • Female Role Models
  • Female Society & Politics

If you are missing a category, you can contact us anytime.

Can I place advertising links/backlinks in my articles?

Of course. This way you can draw our readers’ attention to your expertise and other channels in the best possible way. However, make sure that your article still provides added value and is not a string of links.

What is the difference between branded content and the freelance writer articles?

Branded content aims to promote your product/service in a targeted manner. For our female authors, we like to point out that they are of course allowed to insert a backlink or refer to their social media channels in their profile, but that these options fit in naturally.

The rule here is: valuable content is more important than self-promotion.

We want the readers to feel that you are really concerned about the content, the quality and your topic, so that in the end they also feel the desire to get in touch with you and do not receive a pure advertising text with a clear intention.

Will I be compensated for my articles?

Remuneration for high-quality content is at the top of our agenda! At the moment, however, payment is not possible. This independent magazine was created with a lot of time, own capital and passion and we have great respect for your content. Our values are important to us and as soon as we have the opportunity to offer compensation, we will contact all our active authors immediately. Until then, we will invest all our womanpower in promoting your posts (social media, newsletter, podcast, etc.) and supporting your visibility.

Can I use content that has already been published?

Rather not. Duplicate content devalues our magazine. You have no pressure here, you don’t have to be able to write perfectly, and there are no strict content requirements. Will gladly take the time to write something custom.

Is there an order or other requirements when publishing an article?

Thematically, you can write about the topics that move you or can inspire others. The process is quite simple:

  1. Determine the title of the article
  2. Paste a ready-made text into the editor or just write on it. You can integrate images directly into the text
  3. Set an article image for your article
  4. Choose one of the given categories
  5. Plan a release date
  6. In the penultimate step you can check your data again at your leisure
  7. Submit your article.
  8. We check the article for spelling and legal requirements
  9. After publication, you can of course promote the post within the social networks. We will simultaneously support your article via social channels, our newsletter and, if applicable, in our podcast.

What else do I need to consider with my article? Important note for all (prospective) authors

Even if it doesn’t seem necessary to mention it, let’s keep it short:

Please do not make hypotheses that are not scientifically/statistically proven. Avoid blanket statements, diagnoses, or medical advice as much as possible. In the area Female Finance a concrete investment advice is not allowed.

However, you can of course always offer deeper insights or intensive advice with a reference to your personal homepage.

With regard to the Female Society & Politics category, we are also transparent. Of course, political opinions can be expressed freely (in consideration of our values and guidelines). Our editorial team clearly distances itself from opinions, positions or statements made by non-democratic or anti-democratic parties.

Which topics are not published on FemalExperts?

Medical, spiritual or esoteric topics are highly complex and we would prefer to leave this field to platforms that are well versed in this area and also have the corresponding expertise in the editorial department. For this reason, we unfortunately have to exclude items from these areas.