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What self-sabotage looks like in business and what you can do about it
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What self-sabotage looks like in business and what you can do about it

Simone Heydel
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A yawning void in the diary, the account balance sinks dangerously towards zero. You’re starting to panic: Where are the customers? How should you pay your bills? You have to do something.

You jump up from your desk and walk back and forth. Ideas, ideas. Where are the ideas? And then: A new freebie! Yes! You quickly create a new checklist that people can download, link your contact details and the booking calendar and then the customers will come.

A few days later, you realize that there has still been no improvement. So you walk back and forth again. What am I doing wrong? That has to work. Perhaps another freebie? Maybe use even more social media channels? If you can’t find customers on LinkedIn, then perhaps on Instagram or Pinterest? Maybe you should also write your own expert book. You read that somewhere recently.

Completely exhausted by all these tasks, you sink back into your desk chair. What should you start with?

So first you make a to-do list and probably write it down:

  • Revise existing offer
  • Create new offers
  • create one or two freebies
  • Writing and linking blog articles
  • YouTube channel?
  • Write a book?

You make and do. But you know what? You get bogged down and look for the mistake in the wrong place. Because the biggest problem in business is ourselves and what we believe. About us as an entrepreneur, about our customers, about our range.

Try it out and write down everything you can think of for the following questions:

  1. What do you think about yourself? About you as an entrepreneur? About your online or offline presence?
  2. What do you think your customers think about you?
  3. What do you think about your offer?

Well? Astonished?

Most of us think negatively about their offer and their prices; feel insecure about their competence and their appearance. They are full of doubts and also believe that customers cannot think well of them and their offer.

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So what can you do to finally get ahead in your business? You’ve already guessed it: you can change your thoughts. Every day you can rethink what you want to think about yourself, your customers and your offer.

Your negative thoughts and doubts won’t get you where you want to be. So choose thoughts that take you further. If you can’t switch from “I’m a loser” to “I’m mega successful”, then build yourself small bridges. For example, you can think that you are getting better every day and continue to work on yourself. To prove this to yourself, you can start writing a success diary.

Everything you believe is true. And if you don’t believe in your success, who is going to do it?

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