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The magic of female networks
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The magic of female networks

Amelie Clever
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“I can do it on my own!” I have often heard this phrase from my children. And yes, I know it all too well from myself. To create something on my own, to make an impact, is something I associate with one of my greatest values – freedom.

Actively perceive networks

Until the day I officially registered my business, I gave little thought to networking. I was sure I could do everything on my own. Although I already had connections at that time and used them, I could not consciously perceive them. Great companions were, fortunately, just there! Of course, my entire family still supports me and my projects today. For my first children’s book, a great illustrator, many editors*, and SelfPublishing help were readily available. I am very grateful for these contacts and continue to benefit from them.

Did I find myself limited in my freedom during that time? No! I have grown through the exchange with others, just as my partners have developed through my projects. In the environment of appreciative networks, I feel connected above all, another important value for me.

Networks live from interactions

So I slowly began to get an inkling of how essential networks are to my personal growth when I use them consciously. At this point, I specifically choose the word deploy, rather than use. Because in this context, the benefit arises automatically, in my opinion. A network requires commitment. What do I mean by that? Networking in general and female networking in particular thrives on mutual exchange, on giving, on activity. Anyone who joins an association, whether online or offline, commits to sharing his or her expertise and becoming actively involved. Female Networking is the wonderful opportunity to find mentoring and support from other women who have already overcome similar challenges and can provide guidance and advice. Networking can also provide access to new job opportunities, partnerships, investors and potential clients. The important thing is that everyone can and should contribute, whether by asking questions publicly so that everyone can use the answers to further their own development or, for example, by simply but effectively liking posts. Another way to get involved without much effort is to distribute ratings and give reviews.

My experience with women’s networks

I would like to tell you about some magical moments with women’s networks that I have personally experienced. I did my first coaching training online with Greator® in Cologne. Due to the Corona pandemic, the two weekends originally planned in presence also took place online only. After an intense meditation, we were divided into breakout sessions to share what we had experienced there. I came into a room with two other women. We had 15 minutes. One of the two women was Annabelle and the two of us quickly got onto what had been a long running theme for both of us. Since we didn’t have enough time, we networked on other channels. Today, we have already given two online coaching courses together and she has also facilitated readings for my 1st children’s book in both Munich and Mainz. I am infinitely grateful for those few minutes that made such big waves.

Another wonderful connection is with Franzi. She has a music school in Düsseldorf and has also written a children’s book. We first met online through the Düsseldorf women’s network “GründerMütter” and later met in person. Through another network for children’s book authors “Kinderbuchmanufaktur” she learned about a children’s book festival that took place in Grevenbroich this April. There were still free stands, so she thought of me directly. So I was able to attend this wonderful festival with my book and again made very valuable new contacts.

“A well-functioning network is priceless”.

Anyone who has children knows it. The little ones get sick, daycare or school are closed, there are pick-ups and drop-offs for various leisure activities. A well-functioning network of grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles, but especially other mothers is priceless. The Nigerian proverb is probably not for nothing:

It takes a whole village to raise a child.

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If it weren’t for these contacts, I wouldn’t be able to live my vocation or advance my projects.

I do not want to leave unmentioned that the exchange and networking with other genders can be quite rewarding and broadens our horizons. There is no silver bullet! Follow your intuition and your emotions, that’s how you experience the magic of (female) networks. I am very lucky to have found such appreciative and non-competitive women’s networks.

3 Tips for building your network

How you can do that too? Finally, I would like to give you three tips along the way:

  1. Be mindful of the connections that are already in your life and appreciate them once more!
  2. Be curious and heart-opened when you enter new networks. First ask yourself, how can I make my contribution? Find like-minded people, ask questions and have fun!
  3. Be open to sharing in smaller groups with similar interests, or find a business buddy with whom you can regularly discuss your setbacks and celebrate your progress!

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