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Goal achievement: 3 tips on how to reach your goals with ease
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Goal achievement: 3 tips on how to reach your goals with ease

Svea Joisten
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Do you often ask yourself why you just don’t achieve your goals, whereas it’s effortless for others? You may already have a roadmap for achieving your goals, but just aren’t making progress? You are not alone in this, because many people feel the same way. They set goals, get started but then lose motivation and give up.

Below you will learn some reasons why people do not achieve their goals.

You lack clarity

Lack of clarity is often a reason why people give up before they reach their goals, because they do not have a clear vision in mind. Once you have set a goal image for yourself, you link emotions to your goal that motivate you to keep at it.
In addition, many people lack clarity about their why. They do not know why they want to achieve a certain goal and more often pursue other people’s goals instead of their own.

You lack confidence

People who do not achieve their goals often have too little confidence. Confidence in themselves, in their abilities and in the fact that they will achieve the goal with absolute probability. If self-doubt keeps popping up and you don’t have a healthy self-esteem, you can quickly lose your motivation and give up.

You lack the right mindset

Mindset describes our ways of thinking and behaving and is already shaped in childhood. Many behavioral and thought patterns are stored unconsciously and the subconscious develops certain strategies as a result. This can lead to blockages. With limiting beliefs, the subconscious mind works against you and you sabotage your goal achievement yourself.

You set wrong priorities

Lack of time management and setting the wrong priorities are also often among the reasons that goals are not achieved. People regularly find excuses why now might not be a good time to work on their goal and waste their valuable time on things that don’t get them anywhere.

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3 Tips on what you can do about it to reach your goals with ease!

Tip 1: Use the SMART method for setting your goals.

The SMART method can help you to set goals. The SMART method is a 5-step plan that helps you to concretize your goals.

  • Specify your goal: First, you should specify your goal and write it down. What exactly do you want to achieve? Be as specific as possible when setting goals.
  • Make your goal measurable: Choose goals that are measurable so you can check if you are on the right track.
  • Make your goal attractive to you: Question exactly why you want to achieve this goal. Does the goal match your values?
  • Do the reality check: Check if the goal is realistic. What obstacles might you face? Who or what else do you need to consider in your goal achievement?
  • Schedule your goal: Give your goal a time frame so you have motivation. When do you want to reach your goal? This way you can clearly structure when you want to achieve what and set priorities better.

Tip 2: Start with a Growth Mindset

Developing a Growth Mindset is important so that your subconscious mind doesn’t sabotage you. The Growth Mindset is a growth-oriented mindset. People with a Growth Mindset see challenges as opportunities for growth and are open to new things. They have the view that they can develop their skills. Many people set high goals but are determined by their limiting beliefs. Then they will not reach their goal because they have not yet developed the right mindset for their goal. To develop a Growth Mindset it is important that you let go of self-doubt, regularly reflect, question and transform your thoughts.

Tip 3: Set partial goals and celebrate partial successes.

Often a goal seems incredibly big to us at first. In order to stay motivated, it is important to have a concrete roadmap with fixed subgoals in order to know exactly what the next steps are. It is important not to set the sub-goals too low, so that you can regularly leave your comfort zone and go beyond yourself. Plus, you can regularly celebrate partial successes when you reach the next milestone.

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