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Our inner strength: saying NO on the outside to say YES on the inside!
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Our inner strength: saying NO on the outside to say YES on the inside!

Alexandra Wilmsmann-Hiller
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Independence or harmonization? Many enchanting women often face this question in my practice. The desire for personal development is so immense, while the focus is on others. How does the environment, the best friend or the colleague do it? What was it like with the women in your own family? I read a while ago that heroines are only born through the act of attribution. So nobody becomes a heroine on their own. But wait a minute. Aren’t feel-good moments created within us? And successes too? Is it not we ourselves who make a difference for ourselves? In this article, we explore how women can use their inner strength in management to write their own hero story. One thing in advance: developing your potential often means saying no!

The importance of inner strength

Inner strength is more than just a concept – it is a life-changing reality, especially in management. This strength consists of self-confidence, determination and a pronounced emotional intelligence. It is the foundation on which real leadership capability is built. Those who do not define success in terms of profit usually quickly discover the benefits of living out their own values and visions.

Do you perhaps see the world as a place where women are often encouraged to conform? Against this background, the discovery and cultivation of inner strength appears to be a revolutionary act. Regardless of whether we use the power from within ourselves or not, it is important. If we ignore the “inner warning system”, we are not fully in our power as managers. If we use the impulses from within ourselves, new paths and opportunities arise.

So what does inner strength mean? It means listening to your own inner voice instead of being guided by external expectations.

The principle of “my way” as an expression of a clear yes to yourself!

Historical and cultural perspective – role models

Looking back, the role of women has traditionally often been one of adaptation and support. But in every era, there were women who defied these expectations and wrote their own history. These women – be they historical figures or members of our own family – serve as proof that inner strength and leadership have always been part of the female experience. They remind us that we don’t have to wait to be named a hero by others.

Sometimes it takes a little courage and patience with yourself. It’s okay not to dare to do everything straight away and to feel your way into a leadership role, for example. You can start by gradually taking on smaller tasks and seeing whether the leadership role really suits you. Saying no to distractions on the outside helps you to discover what really gives you strength and supports you in your decisions.

Self-knowledge and self-development

Self-knowledge is the key to developing inner strength. It starts with an honest examination of your own strengths, weaknesses and values. This process of self-reflection enables us to recognize and use our full potential. It’s about understanding your own motivation and building robust self-confidence – both essential components of effective management.

Experiences often interfere with our assessment of our advantages and weaknesses. These small obstacles within ourselves that make us believe that we are not good enough for something. Here, too, it is important to ignore any headwinds from your environment and look inwards.

Note: Ignoring the environment does not mean ignoring reflection on structures or experiences. It is important to be aware of the patterns that have been passed on in the family, for example.

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Using the power within

In everyday management, inner strength manifests itself in many different ways: When we meet challenges with grace, seize opportunities when they present themselves or dare to make authentic decisions.

A small learning task and at the same time not as complicated as it seems. Somehow, discovering and nurturing inner strength is not only beneficial but essential for women in management. It is the key to acting authentically, effectively and with self-determination. From self-discovery to standing in management, it is a cultural struggle that takes place within. Everyone finds their own measure.

The focus is on looking at oneself in order to understand the world and not the other way around. If we don’t like something for our development, it is the No that encourages us. We all somehow have the feeling that we are on a mission and we are used to relationships being constantly put to the test. People are smart and unconsciously sense when someone is acting authentically. Somehow, the position of management on the outside is a mirror of management on the inside, to contradict circumstances. These needs-based actions that help us to change our behavior because we want it that way on the inside.


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