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“Don’t give up, it will get better, even if you can’t believe it.” – An exclusive Role Model interview with author and Mental Health columnist Nora Hille.
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“Don’t give up, it will get better, even if you can’t believe it.” – An exclusive Role Model interview with author and Mental Health columnist Nora Hille.

Kinga Bartczak
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In this inspiring podcast episode, renowned author and mental health expert Nora Hille talks about her personal experiences with setbacks and mental challenges. She shares her own experiences and how she learned to rise from them. A powerful conversation about the importance of perseverance, the power of hope, and the need to talk about mental health. A must-read for anyone seeking inspiration in difficult times.

Book tip: When light conquers darkness – Shaping life, family and partnership positively with bipolar disorder

Nora Hille with book
Nora Hille with her newly published book “Wenn Licht die Finsternis besiegt – Mit bipolarer Erkrankung Leben, Familie und Partnerschaft positiv gestalten”.

Nora Hille, a well-known author and member of the German Society for Bipolar Disorders, shares her personal experience with bipolar disorder in her touching nonfiction book. The blurb provides some insight: After the arrival of her long-awaited baby, a new mother experiences a psychological low as a result of a traumatic birth. Overtired and overwhelmed by concern for her child, she seeks help at a psychiatric facility. Diagnosis: Bipolar. The book asks whether a happy family life is possible for her, her partner, and her little boy, or whether the mother’s illness will destroy their family.

In gripping, emotional, and unvarnishedly honest chapters, Nora Hille describes her transformation process into a self-confident woman who is facing her past and finding her way more into her role as a mother. It looks not only at their own perspective, but also the impact on their family and the families they come from. The book also provides solid information on bipolar disorder, best practices for dealing with it, and encouraging messages for others affected by it.

It is an inspiring work about how to live a full life despite the constant internal struggles that bipolar disorder brings.

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The book is accompanied by a foreword by Tina Meffert (Mutmachleute e.V.) and a conclusion by Hubert Schöttes, specialist in psychiatry and head of the bipolar outpatient clinic of the KEM | Evang. Essen-Mitte gGmbH Clinics.

Click here to go directly to the book “When light conquers darkness”.

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