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Feminism is the beer of us all
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Feminism is the beer of us all

Nathalie Rose
Muschicraft by Nathalie Rose

A guest post by Nathalie Rose, Muschicraft

Finally, a feminist beer brand wants to shake up the male-dominated industry. It’s about time:  beer producers still tailor their brands completely to men, which is already historically weird. Muschicraft, the first feminist craft beer (with a vulva logo), now wants to change that.

Beer? Historically: Women’s business!

Is beer really a man’s thing? One might think so, if one takes a look at the advertisements of popular brands. Middle-aged white gentlemen relax in the dunes in Friesland, or cheerful men gather around wooden tables in dark pubs for an after-work beer. If women make an appearance in beer advertising, then it’s as an accessory, as an accessory, in case of doubt sexistically objectified: Then it “tingles” “so beautifully in the belly button”. And: You don’t have to look around for a long time to come across the opinion that women who drink beer are somehow unfeminine. Socially, many seem to agree: Beer is (heterosexual) men’s business. And period. 

But is that really the case? Let’s take a brief excursion into the history of beer: In the 12th century, the polymath Hildegard von Bingen advised people to drink beer, thus upgrading it to a kind of healing drink. And during the Middle Ages, beer was produced practically exclusively by women; it was they who developed and refined the technique of brewing beer.

“Wild Herbs for Men, Lemon+X for Women”.

That has changed thoroughly. Like so many other areas of life, beer brewing and drinking have been hijacked by men, so to speak, and declared their main domain: beer is the man’s drink – by men for men. Other gender identities don’t seem to feature at all in the worldview of many brewers. Female brewers are few and far between, and female consumers are left with light, fizzy beer mixes with grapefruit or lemon.

There is no place for FLINTA* (women, lesbian, intersex, non-binary, trans, and agender people) in this world, as there is in so many other areas of society: corporate leadership positions, roles in so-called STEM subjects, political leadership, the military, or law enforcement – all purely male-dominated. 

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Time for a paradigm shift

It’s good that there are already so many initiatives everywhere in our society that want to change just that. Bravo also that International Women’s Day or Women’s Struggle Day is being used more and more to draw attention to the gender pay gap or other structural disadvantage for FLINTA*. In Berlin, it has even been a public holiday for several years. But if we want real equality, then we have to break up precisely these male domains through concrete action. 

The initiators behind Muschicraft, the first feminist craft beer, want to create exactly this paradigm shift in the beer industry – by advocating for the visibility of all gender identities. Muschicraft was created in 2022 by Sophie Tschannett in Vienna and is now coming to Berlin for International Women’s Day on 08.03.2023. The special thing about this is that Muschicraft consumers donate to women’s empowerment/FLINTA empowerment projects. For International Women’s Day 2023, Muschicraft Berlin Edition will initially be released in a limited edition along with merchandise such as shirts and burlap bags that will be offered at various events on that day and will also be available in Muschicraft’s online store afterwards.

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About the author

Nathalie Rose-Feminismus-Muschikraft

Organisatorisch tätig für NPOs im sozialen und kulturellen Bereich.


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