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Female Entrepreneurship: Impulses and Exchange

This event provides the perfect opportunity for women who have the courage and interest to dive into the world of entrepreneurship and startups.

The evening will open with keynote speeches from inspiring women who are in various stages of starting their own businesses. They will share their experiences and offer valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship. These women are the perfect inspiration for anyone interested in starting their own business and, who may still need that conscience “push” to finally turn their dreams into reality. Here you will hear motivational and inspirational stories that will encourage you to take the leap into entrepreneurship. We will be introducing you to the women via our Instagram page in the days leading up to the event, so feel free to follow along!

The event will not only offer exciting keynote speeches, but also sufficient and protected space for exchange and networking. Snacks and drinks will be provided. There is no better opportunity to connect with other women who want to, or already have, embarked on a similar journey.

In summary, it is the perfect event for all women who have the desire to start their own business and take control of their career.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Venue: Kempten University of Applied Sciences, Think Tank, Allgäu Lounge A404


25. May 2023


18:30 - 21:30

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Kempten University
Bahnhofstrasse 61, 87435 Kempten (Allgäu)


StartUp Center Kempten University of Applied Sciences
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