Suddenly a boss?! How to develop leadership skills

Good leadership skills don’t develop overnight: Two female entrepreneurs report on how they mastered the role change to boss as successors. How can you prepare for the new role? What secures you the recognition of your colleagues? What is the best way to initiate change in operations? This and many other questions are the topic of “Plötzlich Chefin”, an online event for successors and women interested in leadership.

Event as part of the “Takeover as an opportunity” series

What makes a good boss? She organizes a business, solves any problem in a jiffy, is a role model for her team and recognizes necessary trends for the modernization of her company. It is obvious that such leadership qualities do not develop overnight. So what do you do when you become a boss overnight? For example, when she is promoted. Or when it takes over a company.

In our online event as part of the “Takeover as an Opportunity” series, two female successors report on how they mastered the role change to boss. Here we look at how women can prepare for their new role and develop leadership personality, how they can secure the recognition of employees and initiate changes in the company.

The online exchange is aimed at women who aspire to a role as a boss and/or are thinking of starting or taking over a business. There is compact leadership experience from the field. Participants have the opportunity to ask their own questions and exchange ideas with each other.


22. February 2022


19:00 - 20:30

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