Pricing workshop for your service business

Active participatory workshop with business coach Michaela Schächner. As always, the workshop lasts about 1-1.5 h with question and discussion session. In the workshop, Michaela shows how you can determine your realistic hourly rate, from which you can then also live well and how you generate prices for your offers from this. There is also room for questions about hourly rates and prices.

  • It is important to define a good hourly rate/package price that also fits how much you as an entrepreneur want to invest in her business in terms of time.
  • It serves as an important foundation for the financial independence to be achieved through self-employment.
  • In addition, it is important to include the personal situation in the considerations as well.

Michaela is keen to emphasize and encourage that business and life must go hand in hand.

For this reason, she sees the hourly rate calculation as a key criterion for minimum strategic planning.


24. January 2022


17:00 - 19:00

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