Immune to business setbacks

What if you could use it not as your failure, but as an opportunity?

We’ll show you how to use a very simple method to use every perceived mistake to learn from, get better at, or brush off thoughts of it like bird poop on your shoulder.

Exercise for the defense

In this workshop we will train with you your defense against setbacks. Come to the virtual whiteboard and we’ll look at it:

– in which situations you expect setbacks in your business or where you have encountered them*.

– which setbacks are real mistakes, which are weaknesses and which offer you a chance to learn from them.

– how you can deal with setbacks in the future in a confident and solution-oriented manner so that they no longer catch you cold.

* Don’t worry, this won’t be an exposure show or fuckup night. You are completely anonymous on the whiteboard.


06. April 2022


17:00 - 19:00

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