Equal pay 4.0 – fair pay in the digital world of work

How is digitalization affecting structures for fair pay between women and men in all areas of the world of work? We will show you the first here in our Kick-Off.

We have compiled useful tips, successful work on social media and examples for organizing an action for Equal Pay Day
here in the video in our network event
compiled for you.

Are you still looking for information material on the Gender Pay Gap? We have prepared concise information on the campaign in the
Fact sheet here
and in this Synopsis you can find further studies.

You can get an overview of planned actions for the next Equal Pay Day in our
Action map

Fair pay must not only be demanded, but the promise must be translated into action through our actions. Inspiring examples of how to implement the necessary changes are presented in the free EPD Journal 2022. The number of copies is limited, so order
in advance.


07. March 2022


08:00 - 22:00

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About the campaign
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