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Berlin Boss Babes Fuck Up Night

Hiya boss babes,

Your go-to community for career, business and money is bringing back one of our all-time favorite event formats: FUCK UP NIGHT.

Most of us have a relationship with failure that impedes progress, halts innovation, and damages our careers – and ultimately our lives. Our inner critic keeps telling us to hide behind perfectionism and avoid errors at all costs … But mistakes are actually our friends! And when we dare to speak about them we grow through vulnerability and can derive super valuable lessons on the individual level as well as a community.

Berlin Boss Babes Fuck Up Night is all about facing our failures, together: without judgment and instead with lots of self-compassion, the courage to share, and a mind that wants to learn and evolve. So I’m here to tell you #fuckfuckups and let’s #failforward together.

FYI: The term ‘Fuck Up Night’ was originally coined by a group of individuals in Mexico that started coming together and sharing stories of failed businesses, commercial relationships that ended sour and products that had to be removed from the market. Their events turned into a global movement and ultimately led to the creation of the Failure Institute, a social enterprise that helps people break free from the paradigms that limit their lives. This event is inspired by this format but is not associated with Fuckup, Inc.


  • 19.00 – doors open, arrival & networking
  • 19.30 – event kick off with 4 awesome boss babes (details TBC) from different industries sharing their fuck up stories on stage
  • 20.30 – Q&A, group discussion

afterwards: let’s hang out, enjoy the free drinks and cultivate that sisterhood energy that makes our community so unique

Please note:

  • Included in your ticket are non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks (open bar concept ) and snacks.
  • As always space is limited so please only get a ticket if you’re certain you can attend. NO REFUNDS! If for whatever reason you cannot make it you can re-sell your ticket in our Facebook group.
  • Kids and furry friends are more than welcome.
  • If you don’t identify as a woman: Berlin Boss Babes was created as a platform for women but I’m aware that we share many of the same challenges with other underrepresented groups and minorities. In light of this, I’m making an overall effort to build FLINTA-friendly spaces. Please feel absolutely invited if you’re looking for an environment where together with like-minded folks you can explore how to deal with the struggles put on us by patriarchal power dynamics and other sources of systemic injustice.
  • If you cannot afford the ticket: Please message me at and we will try to find a solution.

I can’t wait to see you on the 7th of June!!

Lots of love,



Tamara Rose Morales is the founder of Berlin Boss Babes, a business and leadership coach, and a public speaker.

After graduating with a master’s degree in political science and spending a few years in the political industry, Tamara changed career paths and spent more than a decade in building and developing businesses and talents.

Initially, she consulted large multinational corporations on incubating and scaling spin-off companies and later, she focused on supporting early-stage founders and companies with their growth strategies. She experienced the day-to-day at a venture capital firm, various startups and as an external advisor.

In 2020, Tamara founded Berlin Boss Babes, a social impact consulting business. Berlin Boss Babes accelerates the professional and financial advancement of women via coaching, workshops, events, and a currently +6000 women strong community. In her capacity as a coach, Tamara works with female freelancers and entrepreneurs that want to fast track their business’ growth and success and, at the same time, cultivate a sense of wellbeing and purpose. She also acts as an organizational consultant for companies who want to empower underrepresented and marginalized groups and create a more inclusive workplace culture.


07. Juni 2023
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19:00 - 22:00

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Revaler Str. 31, Entrance through the gate, 10245 Berlin
Revaler Str. 31, Entrance through the gate, 10245 Berlin
Berlin Boss Babes


Berlin Boss Babes
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