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Visionbuilding like a Pro
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Visionbuilding like a Pro

Kinga Bartczak

How a strong business vision can support you in times of crisis.

Crises are terrible, whether they are financial, economic or health crises, we must never forget that behind every number there is also a human being.

In such challenging times, which we have always encountered and which will continue to touch us personally, professionally or entrepreneurially, a strong vision can contribute significantly to strengthening one’s own business model and resilience.

I don’t mean to suggest that vision can protect you from financial or health harm, as it too has certain limits. But it helps you to understand (entrepreneurial) life in the context of the infinite game.

In concrete terms, this means that we personally as entrepreneurial personalities could also take ourselves out of the “vision equation” and the vision can likewise be continued by third parties. For example, if an equal world, as I personally desire, is a vision, it does not necessarily require my person to achieve it, but my actions do not make it insignificant to the overall outcome.

So a vision is not a salary expectation, it is not a target agreement or the big dream of winning the lottery – It goes far beyond that and always follows the “just cause”. This, in turn, marks something worth supporting, something extraordinary, or something special (to the person themselves or others).

You may be rightly wondering now how such a vision can take shape and for this I have brought you 4 concrete tips:

1. think about your footprint

A vision can be something individual that you create from within yourself. However, it can also be something you create collaboratively with others. All that matters is that you resonate with that vision. To make that happen, your first step should be to consider, “What footprint do I want to leave on this world?” Remember: You alone decide how big or small it is, because a vision is not subject to any outside judgment and is something very personal. In the entrepreneurial context, the above question can be asked accordingly in the collective. The beauty is: Just as our (professional) life undergoes change, the vision can also be supplemented or adapted.

2. create a business vision board 

I didn’t really believe in it myself until I tried it and what can I say – It works! Pick out magazines, journals, or book pages that speak to you, inspire you, or move something inside you. Cut them out, arrange them, and attach them to your business vision board. This is predominantly about visualized, long-term goals, missions and thoughts that play into your vision and support you in your daily actions. Whenever I’m having a block or my day is struggling, I look at my Business Vision Board, which contains the LETTER: “Remember why you started.” This is just my daily “vision reminder”.

3. if you can’t beat them, join them

No one has to get up alone in the morning for a vision. Maybe there is already an initiative, organization or program that matches your ideas and values. Join existing structures and become part of a community, because a vision is easier to create in collaboration. Don’t know how to get started? If equality, women’s rights, and women’s empowerment are important to you, I’m happy to welcome you to the Female Empowerment Community as a member of our Facebook group or as a freelance writer.

4. come into action 

Creating a vision is already the first challenge to take on. The next step is even more important and that is to actually get into action with your own vision. Don’t get stuck in figurative dreams, but start writing down smart goals as well as actions on how you can get closer to your vision. To stay with the example of equal rights: To this end, for example, I founded FemalExperts as a magazine to give women a voice. I am involved in several women’s initiatives and am a volunteer mentor. Also, as a Female Empowerment and Business Coach, I dedicate my time daily to supporting other women and doing my part in the grand scheme of things.

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Always remember, “A vision that does not find implementation remains a dream shrouded in the fog of thought.”  

Ultimately, an entrepreneurial vision is like a guiding star that reminds you of your values, points you in the right direction and also warns you when you stray from your path.

So if you sometimes feel a little “lost” professionally or entrepreneurially, grab a blank book, flipchart or whiteboard and just start visualizing what awakens your inspiration and passion every day and gets you up in the morning – I promise you: it’s not the paycheck at the end of the month, it never was.

What’s your situation? Do you already have a vision? Did you find it easy to create these or maybe that’s the part you’re stumbling over right now? Feel free to share your thoughts with the FemalExperts community!

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Kinga Bartczak advises, coaches and writes on female empowerment, new work culture, organizational development, systemic coaching and personal branding. She is also the managing director of UnternehmerRebellen GmbH and publisher of the FemalExperts magazine .

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