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Success is female!
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Success is female!

Kinga Bartczak

A guest post by Marina Friess, founder, owner and host of Feminess.

An incredible success story

Do you know women who seem to achieve everything they set their minds to? They make success look as easy as if it were created in your sleep. I too know a woman who never ceases to fascinate me. She is now one of the most famous women in the world. Hard to believe with her story. Born as an illegitimate daughter of underage parents – that this was an outrage in society in 1954 I probably don’t need to mention here – it was already very difficult for her as a child. Not enough, this dragged on through her life for a long time. Her mother left her to work when she was still a child. Therefore, she grew up with her strict grandmother, who was willing to use any means, even violence, to educate the little girl. As a student, she was tops. Liked by teachers, hated by students. Her intelligence and strong will have not gone down well everywhere.

This also ensured that she decided to take a different path during her studies. She dropped out of college to become a news anchor at a major radio station.

But no success here either. By showing too much emotion when reading out certain messages, she violated unwritten laws. Emotions, no way! Her colleagues therefore consider her unprofessional. The consequence: ejection!
But for her, after the fall is before the rise.

She now thrills 21 million people in 215 countries around the world with her weekly show. Their average annual earnings are US $233 billion. That is the number 233 with 9 zeros. Her name: Oprah Winfrey. This life story is incredible, isn’t it? And that with this story. And yet, her story clearly shows that no matter where you come from, you can create anything you want. She worked her way out of it with a lot of ambition, but also by not bending for others. If she had let herself be talked into believing that she had to be different to be successful, she would never have made it this far. Her courage, her skills coupled with a large portion of femininity catapulted her to the top.

Therefore, it is also one of the best examples of why I am writing this article. It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter what skills you have. If you stay true to yourself, you will be successful.

The road to success

When I founded Feminess | Female Business in 2012, my greatest wish was to help women on their way to even greater success. And in every area of life.

In my intensive work with women, I have realized that many are pretending. They are not themselves. But at some point, reality hits you and it’s often painful. No matter what the level. Either through difficulties in private relationships, stress at work, overwork or even self-doubt that eats us up inside. Recognizing yourself and investing time in researching the most important person in your life is worth it.

I often hear from women: “I have too little time”. This is nonsense. We all have 24 hours, only everyone uses them differently. Unfortunately, many women use their time to please others. Being cooked is at the top of the list. But the point is to like yourself. How can I like someone I don’t really know?
This is the key to success. If we know each other and like each other, then we are no longer the plaything of society. We make the decisions for us, not for others. We are more confident and self-assured. This brings success. And everywhere.

So first ask yourself:
“What makes me a woman, an entrepreneur?”
“Where are my strengths?”
“What do I definitely not want professionally?”

Yes, the last question is also part of it. Only if you are aware of this, you can protect yourself from influences that you do not want in your life.

It is important to get to know yourself

The biggest problem women often have is that they don’t spend enough time with themselves. Not getting to know yourself enough. If we don’t know who we are and what we want, others will tell us. It’s obvious. We are vulnerable to manipulation from the outside. If you are not clear about what you want, then others will tell you what they are supposed to want. And mostly for their own benefit. We are always unconsciously guided by statements, actions or body language signals of our environment. If you are aware of yourself, others have no chance.

Don’t let them tell you that you have to be different than you are now. No one knows how you should be. It is not a matter of recognizing where they are not yet good enough and then desperately working on it. It is about recognizing your personal potential and expanding it. The seed of an apple tree can never produce a cherry tree. But an apple tree can be so well watered and cared for that it bears the most beautiful and largest fruit. And there is no right or wrong here! There is only what you believe in who you are. What do you believe in? Your faith moves mountains.

Successful women know exactly what they want and pursue their goals with focus. They manage to inspire other people with their individual charisma whether it is sympathy, strength, self-confidence or power. They move through their positive charisma. But above all, they are true to themselves and their opinions. As in the Oprah Winfrey example.

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Success is always individual and always possible

At this point I am always asked: Can every woman become like this? Yes of course! Is the way there the same for every woman? Of course not. It always depends on your own personality. But yes, it can be done.

Does it always have to be a big career? It depends on where you want to go. If it is to go towards the top, then some characteristics of the most successful women are definitely beneficial.

What I want to tell you with this article:

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