Women and Climate: Secret Santa but make it sustainable!

Welcome to our Women and Climate Dinner Christmas Edition!

The motto of this event is: Secret Santa but make it sustainable! What does that mean?

For this event, we want to ask all attendees to bring a little gift to exchange! The hook? The gift should be something that you interpret as sustainable. It doesn’t have to cost anything and can be something you just had at home and didn’t need anymore, something self-made, or something symbolic like a donation. It could be something from your company or from another company, initiative, or project that you want to support. The maximum price should be 10€, but again, it doesn’t have to cost anything at all. Be creative! Everyone will get the chance to explain what their gift means, what makes it sustainable, and why they chose it.

The event will be held at Das Försters in Prenzlauer Berg.

Please note: Since we will be exchanging gifts, please remember to bring something and make sure it is somehow wrapped (can also be in a bag, newspaper, fabric, etc.).



Everyone will either be able to order whatever they like for themselves or we may get a special group deal for food and drinks. I am still communicating with the restaurant about this. You can pay for your own dinner and drinks individually after the dinner 🙂


The event will be hosted by Amelie!


We will send out an email pre-event with attendees’ names and LinkedIn profiles.

Check out our past dinners here! Join our free slack channel to engage with our community whether you come to the dinner or not!


14. December 2022


18:30 - 22:00

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Försters - The Vegan Restaurant
Dunckerstrasse 2a, 10437 Berlin


Amelie Walter
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